Welcome to Breathe Believe Achieve Coaching

I'm here to help you help yourself.

If you feel lost, confused or simply have goals but don't know where to start then contact me and let me work with you as your coach so you can thrive.

I offer virtual life coaching; one to one coaching and support via video calls.  This means coaching happens where you are most comfortable, needs no travel and allows huge flexibility in times and dates.

I will work with you to breathe, believe and then achieve.


No matter what the scale of the issue I will take time to help you breathe.  In other words to take a step back, take time away from being 'in' the issue and look at what needs to change.  I will always work to help you start with the end in mind.  What do you want to achieve and how will you know when you've got it?  


We will work together to help you identify what needs to be in place for you to believe that the outcome is possible.  What needs to be communicated?  What skills need to be in place?


Then of course, all this hard work is nothing without putting it in to practice and making it happen.  I'll support you to achieving the end goal identified during the breathe phase.

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Neil Bailey

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All round coaching genius (self-proclaimed)

I've been coaching people for 19 years (yes I know I don't look that old) working with individuals to help them achieve life goals.  Successes have included moving on from trauma, gaining confidence to speak in public and at weddings, living with and thriving with chronic illnesses.

I myself have had M.E. for the past 15 years along with depression and High Functioning Autism.  I understand how tough chronic illness can be and love working with people to understand how they can live a fulfilling life.

I create and sell animal art/pet portraits and button/steampunk jewellery on my nuMonday store Neil Bailey Artwork.  I also look after the Do Kindness Facebook Group aiming to promote kind actions.

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